Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Your privacy on the internet is very important, and Digital Sixer ( will meticulously take care of that. We will deal with every bit of information about you we get on the internet with complete care and confidentiality. We use this information (provided by you or received from the internet) to understand the use of our website and, subsequently, improve our content and user-experience to serve you better. The information will also help us respond to your queries better and suggest more appropriate services via our content, e-mail, or phone. Thus, whenever you raise a request for any particular service, we need to contact you for some additional information. This information is absolutely safe with us. We shall not sell or share this with any third party application or mention it in any written statement unless we have adequate permission. This is just for our understanding as to how to help you better with your queries. Sometimes, we use cookies to understand some specific information. A cookie is often referred to as a small amount of data that any website can send to your browser. The cookie data can be stored on your hard-drive and help us recognize you every time you visit our site. You can set up your browser to notify you every time you receive a cookie.


Digital Sixer always strives to be sensitive about the privacy of your information on the internet. Whenever possible, we will try to safeguard the information we receive about you and only use them to serve you better.


This is to notify you that we hold the exclusive right to change or modify our privacy policy and revoke access to this site or change its content at any point in time we see required without giving any prior notice.


The Digital Sixer website contains various external links to other sites. Although we are always proactive to ensure that all these sites include our standard of services, we cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies regarding the content published there and the privacy policies practiced and followed by those sites.


At Digital Sixer, we value customer feedback a lot. Hence, it is imperative for us to know what our customers are saying about us. Additionally, we want to know about the experience of our site visitors with our services, policies, and everything else related to the website. We would also like to reply to any feedback, query, complaint, or concern they wish to share about our privacy policy. They can send their valuable feedback about using the “Feedback” form or write to us at


Digital Sixer ( website uses a tiny data element, often referred to as “cookies” by the industry. These are a bunch of small texts that will cause zero harm to your device. Usually, they can be stored for a temporary period of time, based on the duration of the session (session cookies), or they can be stored permanently (permanent cookies). Once the session is over, the temporary cookies get deleted automatically. But the permanent ones stay stored until you remove them yourself or ask the web browser to delete them completely.

Sometimes, it is also possible that some third party cookies are stored on your device after you visit our website (third-party cookies). These cookies can enable either you or us to take certain advantages of the respective third-party site’s services.

The cookies have a variety of functions. For example, some of them are technically essential for a website as it (or a part of it) may not function correctly without them. Some other cookies are used to gather user information and patterns to send them promotional messages.

The cookies responsible for the electronic communications or transactions are stored under Art. 6 Sec. 1, lit. f) GDPR. The operator of a particular website will have a lawful interest in storing these cookies to ensure the error-free operation of its services. However, in case of a corresponding agreement (e.g., an agreement to the storage of cookies), the processing happens exclusively under Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR. Such an agreement can be revoked at any time.

Keep in mind that you can set up your browser in a way where you will be notified every time a cookie is placed. You can also turn on the setting where the cookie will only be allowed in some instances. Besides, you can stop accepting cookies in specific cases and even promote the auto-deletion of cookies the moment your browser is closed. However, once the cookies are removed, all or some functionalities of the website could be limited.

If, however, a cookie is used for analytical purposes, we will notify you about that separately as per the Data Protection Policy. If needed, we will also ask for your consent before placing it.

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