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Because we dream big, and we believe until we make you reach your dream, our dream is incomplete.

Digital Sixer, The Full-Stack Digital Marketing Agency

The Digital Marketing Company that helps you grow your business like never before. The real Art, Science, and Commerce of Digital Marketing you find in one place.


At Digital Sixer, we offer complete digital marketing services, including digital media marketing, search engine optimization, SEM PPC, social media marketing and management, reputation management, etc.



Our full-package SEO services include site analysis, keyword research, advanced on-page optimization, local SEO, off-page link building services, e-commerce SEO, WordPress SEO, blog SEO, content marketing, etc.



In this age of social media, we offer services like Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Linkedin marketing, Instagram marketing, YouTube marketing, Pinterest marketing, social media management, etc.


The Best
Digital Marketing Team – Knowledgeable, Focused, Energetic, and Smart.

After spending more than 13 years in SEO and digital marketing, we understood that internet marketing is all about creative thinking, following the system, and consistent execution. And as a leading digital marketing agency, at Digital Sixer, we do these meticulously with 100% conviction.
Our digital marketing team is not only dedicated, energetic, and top of the line, but we are business-friendly, data-minded, and fun-loving.
In short, we are small in size but really big in the game.

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Our Key Performance Indicators

Digital Sixer believes in high performance, period. We have spent more than 13 years in various fields of digital marketing and earned a few jaw-dropping numbers that we are sure you can’t skip. But, we aren’t done until we make your business grow bigger by employing our subject matter expertise and decade-long digital marketing experience.




Any form of digital marketing starts with the right set of data analysis and perfect strategy building. Both of them decide the future of the campaign. And we have mastered the art of doing them for our esteemed clients.


Right after the initial analysis and strategy making, technical implementation comes into the picture. Here, we consistently follow the devised system while closely monitoring each step, and finally, make it happen for you.


Businesses need sales. And our achieved numbers speak for themselves. No matter what business you have, Digital Sixer has got something amazing for you, which will shoot your sales through the roof.


Growth is amazing! Isn’t it? We have delivered extraordinary growth to our amazing clients. Their businesses have acquired exponential growth since we started their digital marketing campaigns.

The Secret Sauce of Our
High-Performance Digital Marketing Services

It is undoubtedly our passion and love for digital marketing, which drove us, period.
We do digital marketing because we love it more than anything. After spending 13 years in the internet marketing domain, we still consider ourselves as daily-learners.
The only difference is we started learning it more than a decade ago and still curiously continuing. This extensive experience counts and matters to our prestigious digital marketing clients like you.


Our creative and out of the box thinking has always been our biggest digital marketing USP.


Being the online marketing backbone, we do these with utmost precision and intelligence.


We consistently follow the planned system that is required for the campaigns’ success.


We value our clients, period. That’s why we always put our everything to get them the best possible results.

Our Digital Marketing Agency Success at A Glance

Do you believe in numbers? See what Digital Sixer has achieved as a premium digital marketing company. These are just the teasers; the inside story and numbers are much more exciting, alluring, and powerful.




Digital Sixer,

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Our Extraordinary Digital Marketing Team Leads

For any company, a good team is the most valuable asset. For us, our team members are our family – we all at Digital Sixer, live, eat, drink, and breathe digital marketing, day in, day out!

poulami seo lead


Digital Marketing Head

Completed her Masters from Calcutta University in Psychology. Poulami is the main brain behind our clients’ Digital Marketing success.

ahana seo lead


Search Engine Head

Graduated in Communicative English, Ahana is the SEO-PPC champion. She knows exactly how to rank for keywords and generate huge traffic.


Social Media Head

When it comes to social media marketing, Puja is the one-stop destination for our clients. She is soft-spoken, focused, and super-systematic.


Content Strategist

An English literature graduate and a very talented writer, Soumya is the key person who has a role to play everywhere, be it SEO or social media.

Why Our Esteemed Clients Recommend Our
Digital Marketing Services

➤ Digital Sixer has been delivering exceptional results to its clients. ➤ We have earned 13+ years of unprecedented track record. ➤ We offer full-stack digital marketing services in one place. ➤ We don’t do any guess-work – we believe in data. ➤ We don’t promise anything stupid. ➤ We live up to our commitments, being 100% ethical. ➤ We are a 100% in-house team – no remote team members. ➤ We don’t outsource any part of the job to freelancers. ➤ We always respond within 24 working hours. ➤ We serve small businesses as well as large enterprises. ➤ And yes, we do a lot of fun too.

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Some of Our Happy Clients

Their satisfaction is our achievement – Their trust is our wealth!

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Client Testimonials

We really dislike to brag, but here’s what our clients say about our digital marketing services.

Digital Sixer is fantastic – they are one of the best digital marketing companies. Their level of commitment towards the results and quick response always surprised us. We indeed highly recommend Digital Sixer as your digital marketing agency partner.

mechstudies client


Digital Sixer changed our website from low ranking to higher ranking. They take reasonable charges for their SEO services and their Head Mr. Soumya has more than a decade experience in Search Engine Optimization and Digital marketing. They send periodic updates with the status of SEO score which help us to track website visibility in search engines. Many thanks!

goodluck capital client

Goodluck Capital

Soumya is an ardent digital marketer and SEO specialist. The entire team has ranked our website on the first Google page for all the keywords. The best thing about him is, he never said “NO”, and he is always available for you. I wish them success in all their endeavors.

procyon client

Procyon Creations

As Seen On

As a leading digital marketer, our CEO Mr. Soumya Roy has been featured on numerous major publications, high-authority blogs, and reputed websites.

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