9 Ways Promoting Your Content after It’s Published, Could be Insanely Effective

powerful ways to promote content after it's published

9 Ways Promoting Your Content after It’s Published, Could be Insanely Effective

When can you call your content done? Is it just after you finished typing your last word? Or is it when you saved your work on the drive? Well, all of these are the rudimentary aspects of writing a piece of content! But how can you actually promote it after you are done with the publishing part?

This is what we are going to look at in this post. Promoting your content after publishing is as important as oiling your expensive bike’s engine after purchasing to make it work smoother and more efficiently. But how would you do it? Below, we will list nine great ways to promote your content after publishing it on the internet. As a leading SEO company in Kolkata, we can assure you that these are great ways to harness the power of SEO to increase the visibility of your content.

After all, SEO is all about increasing the visibility of your brand and your business!

So, let’s get started!

The idea is not to try all the methods available but only the ones that are not time-consuming and very much effective. So here are a few ideas that can work for you.

Share Your Post on Facebook

Promoting your content through your Facebook page is definitely one of the best ways to begin with. After all, the importance and influence of social media need no introduction. But the best part is, it’s absolutely free.

You can simply post a link that redirects to your article on your brand’s Facebook page, and it will drive around 2% of organic traffic for you from the people who usually like your post. But that’s not the only reason as to why you should promote your article through Facebook!

The main reason behind doing this is to improve the credibility of your content. If you are going for paid Facebook campaigns, then credibility is a must.

You need to earn the confidence of the visitors that, yes, your content is worth the click!

Hence, you need to prepare your Facebook post in such a way that it can drive more and more likes for your blog post. This will prove its worth and will convince other visitors that it’s worth liking or sharing. Your goal should be to evoke curiosity among them which will compel them to share it.

You can ask your teammates and close friends to like the post and share it to get the ball rolling. This will give you some initial numbers and convince others to look into it!

Always remember the more like your post will get, the more credible it will come across to other visitors. So when you are done getting at least ten likes for your article’s Facebook post, you can simply move on to the next step of boosting the post’s visibility further.

Write Irresistible Copy

Content needs to be irresistible to get better engagement! But it’s definitely easier said than done! Even if you have written a magnetic piece of content and complemented it with a great headline and scintillating images, it might not still fetch the right amount of traffic. So how would you get the people to click on your ad?

First, you need to get an irresistible image that will make the audience pause for a while to check out the article. This is your time to reel them in! Make sure your ad copy is so compelling that they get hooked in the very moment. If that happens, then they are very much likely to read your article!

So just nail your Facebook ad copy and boost your description. Also, if you want to make them even more captivating, then you can:

  • You can use testimonials and facts to increase credibility.
  • Use questions and catchy phrases to evoke people’s attention.
  • You can offer solutions to common problems.
  • Make use of clear calls to action to show them the next step.
  • Try to address their emotions and ignite their curiosity.

Target the Right People

Targeting the right people is very important if you wish to get positive results. Hence, you need first to determine the audience who are very much likely to be interested in your article. This way, promoting your article becomes very easy. It can also affect your cost-per-click ratio.

If you wish to develop a long-term campaign, you can use this data to target the same audience for various other campaigns. Just use the Save Audience Feature and target the same people based on their

  • Interests
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Purchase behaviors
  • Education level

Also, to make the entire process much more streamlined and easy, you can narrow down the audience target ratio to less than 20,000 people. This will give you better control over your ad delivery.

Use Custom Audience Feature

To get the best possible results, you need to use integrated tools, and Facebook’s Custom Audience feature is one of them. This will allow you to specifically target all those people who have visited your website or engaged with your Facebook page. Needless to say, they can really turn out to be immensely valuable for your brand.

To enjoy the benefits of this tool, you need first to install Facebook Pixel First. Then if you just go to the “web Traffic” option in the custom feature tab, you can see the people who have visited your blog and other web pages repeatedly over a certain period of time. The categories in which you can target the audiences are:

  • Anyone and everyone who has visited your domain.
  • People who previously visited a few specific web pages and those who just visited a few of them and never clicked on others.
  • You can even shortlist people who haven’t visited your website for a certain period of time.
  • Plus, if you wish to shortlist anyone who has visited the blog, you can simply target the URLs from your blog’s domain, and you can get the results.

Boost Your Facebook Post

As we have said time and again, social media plays a massive role in promoting your content. The same can be said for Facebook as well. Hence, boosting your Facebook posts is imperative. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote your content.

Just set up a budget, then determine the audience and click on “Boost Post”. You can do it just after an hour of publishing the original content.

You can set the paid campaign duration for one day and use a meager budget to avoid any unnecessary risks. Then you can monitor the performance of the campaign and then readjust the digital marketing budget or the time frame.

If you wish to conduct a quick Facebook campaign checkup, you can go for the Facebook Ads Manager. There you can find three crucial campaign metrics:

  • Cost per click: Here, you can see how expensive it is to have a person click on your promoted post.
  • Click-through rate: This will help you evaluate how well your promoted post can generate interest from your targeted audience.
  • Cost per mil: Lastly, this metric will help you understand how much it costs for your boosted post to be seen 1,000 times.

Now, after considering all these metrics, if you’re happy with your campaign results, you can then readjust the budget and reach. If not, you can take a step back, go back to the board and start evaluating the post itself.

Use Captivating Headlines

Believe it or not, but as per a study conducted by CopyBlogger, around 80% of the readers never make it past the article’s headline! Thus, you need to make the article headline attractive and captivating. This is the same thing for Facebook as well. So you need to make sure your headline never fails to catch your readers’ attention; otherwise, they will never click on your ad!

Also, you should never be afraid of using different Facebook ad headlines which will be unique from the rest. If you wish to craft a good Facebook headline, you can try:

  • To clearly show the main benefit of the customer through the headline.
  • You can also use numbers and figures along with credible facts to appeal to your audience.
  • Try to keep them short yet catchy, like within 40-70 characters.
  • Lastly, try to incorporate various action verbs like getting, learn, or do in your headline.

Contents’ headlines are perhaps the first thing your audiences and readers will stumble upon. So make sure they are hooked by the very first thing they lay their eyes on. Try to work something out based on the psychology of your customers, and the rest of the jigsaw puzzle will fall into the right place.

Try to Send Your Emails at the Right Time

There is a perfect time to send your emails to promote your content, which will get more openings and click-throughs. But how can you know the best time to send the email?

Here MailChimp can help you out. They have done some fantastic research, and through that, they have managed to come up with a schedule to send your emails. All of this will help you determine the best times and days to send your email while promoting your content. This will help you identify the time when your customers might have heavy inbox activity so that your mail does not get skipped. After studying the inboxes of literally billions of people, they have found some fascinating facts.

  • The best days to send an email: There is indeed no particular day when you can win, hands down. But you can surely notice a trend. Like weekdays can work really well for promoting your blogs via email, and you might experience a slight peak trend on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • The best times to send an email: As per their research, the best time to send emails is about 10. A.M considering your own time zone. Here, the activity of the inbox will be less than 7% compared to other times. So actually, people check their email at various points in time, and you need to follow the trend. It can also change based on your industry, and sometimes you might have to send the mail before 10.00 A.M. So just follow the trend and then send the mail based on your time zone and business niche.

Check out the Aggregate Site and Up-Vote Communities

Do you know about aggregate sites? Well, if you haven’t, then it’s high time you check them out. They are kind of the best places to find information about various topics compiled from many different sources.

These are the sites where you can share your own pieces and other pieces created by others related to your niche. This also helps your community with similar interests.

Now, the up-vote aspect of these sites will work on the social media angle. So you can very easily use these sites to promote your blog and get a fair idea about its impact on the audience.

Some of these sites are:

  • Reddit: This is one of the most well-known sites on the internet where you can find pages filled with information for nearly any topic, and of course, every niche is there.
  • BizSugar: This is an excellent site if you are looking for small business marketing, finance, management, technology, and startup-related info or promotional space.
  • Product Hunt: This is great for promoting new product content.
  • Hacker News: If you are a startup or has something to do with computer science, then this is the place you need for promotion.
  • DataTau: This one is great for data science stuff.
  • Lobsters: If you want to promote your technology-related content, then this is the best space.
  • Triberr: Perfect for all the bloggers out there.
  • Inbound.org: Want to do inbound and content marketing? Then here you go!
  • Growth Hackers: Lastly, if you wish to do disruptive marketing with startup stuff, this is the place for you.

A/B Test Your Headlines to Improve Your Click-Throughs

Headlines are significant! So to determine their worthiness, you can conduct A/B testing with the help of a simple concept developed by UpWorthy! Thanks to this, you can test around 25 headlines for every single blog post! This will help you determine the best ones and connect better with your audience on Twitter.

So how do you do it?

See, every headline you write will not be perfect. Instead, to be honest, most of them are going to suck! So, you just have to write 25 headlines for every blog post you wish to promote. Even if the first 24 fails to make an impression on you, the 25th one can do some wonders for you.

After all, all you need is just one good headline. Isn’t it?

Now with practice, you can do it really fast, like less than 20 minutes. Once you achieve this skill level, you can lower your limit. So when you have written 25 headlines, you should have at least a couple of good ones. So now, all you need to do is perform an A/B test to see which one can perform the best on Twitter.

  • First, share your blog post with your best headline.
  • Then, Tweet again after an hour or so with a variation of your previous headline.
  • Now you can go to Twitter Analytics and review which of your headlines got the most amount of click-throughs.
  • After that, just replace the headline with the one that has more click-throughs if needed. And voila! Your A/B testing is done, and you have the best headline possible for your post.

Nowadays, some companies are taking this to the next level by introducing new variations and keeping the traffic rolling. This is all done by this simple method of A/B testing done on Twitter.

Final Words on Promoting Your Content Post Publishing

So we believe with the above discussion, you now have some idea about how to go about promoting your content after publishing. It’s not about trying a bunch of methods since that can eat up a lot of time. Hence, as a reputed SEO agency, we have mentioned only a handful of really effective techniques that can deliver you assured results.

Therefore, the next time you develop a new piece of content, you can follow these nine practices and incorporate the SEO techniques that bring sure-fire results.

Believe it or not, but with a great piece of content and the right promotional strategy, an enormous amount of traffic can be pulled towards your website. You just have to channelize your time and energy towards the right promotional methods that work for your brand, and voila! You will get what you want!

So what is your favorite strategy to promote your content post publishing? Let us know your thoughts on this, as this can really help our readers across the globe.

Till next time, happy content marketing!


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