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10+ Proven Techniques to Rescue You from Writer’s Block in 2021

Writing is a creative caliber where we process our thoughts, condition them and express them through excellent words. Although the skill might vary from person to person, for human beings, this thing comes naturally. None of this can be programmed, and this is what makes us different from a machine and robot. Since there is…
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seo content marketing

Seven Tips to Get You Started with SEO Content Marketing

Even if you are the least bit familiar with SEO and digital marketing, then too, you would know that content is the KING! The primary reason for using the internet is still “looking for information”. Every search we perform, every page we bookmark, every click we make on various websites comes from the sole objective…
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calculate digital marketing budget

How to Calculate Digital Marketing Budget for Your Brand

Defining the right digital marketing budget for your business is a challenge, and, of course, it is crucial. It helps plan your strategies better and allows you to utilize your available resources in the best possible ways. So, to ensure the campaigns function most profitably, creating the digital marketing budget beforehand is pivotal. But the…
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social media hacks

Powerful Social Media Hacks to Amplify Engagement

How much time do you spend on social media? Well, it can be from a couple of hours to the entire day for an average user! It depends on how engrossed you are or the amount of idle time you have! The point is, social media has everything that can keep us glued to our…
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