Small Business SEO Tips for Time-Strapped Startup Entrepreneurs

Small Business SEO Tips for Time-Strapped Startup Entrepreneurs

Small Business SEO Tips for Time-Strapped Startup Entrepreneurs

When you are a startup founder, a lot stays on your shoulders. Naturally, you are bound to feel a crunch in time. With a lot of things to do in a relatively short period of time, entrepreneurs are always in a fix.

But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on SEO methods. In this post, I will be telling you about some of the methods that you must take care of.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Do a Product or Service Specific Keyword Analysis

Every company focuses on a particular business, and that’s how you are targeting the market.

I am sure your business is no exception in this case either. But a lot of brands tend to forget this simple fact while doing their SEO or digital marketing-related strategy build-up.

The ideal scenario would be to understand your product well and your targeted market base and then go for SEO strategy. No one can deny that SEO if done correctly, can do wonders for your brand, especially if you are a startup.

When it comes to SEO, keywords play a vital role. However, you can only benefit from this face if you have chosen the right keywords as per your business.

If you don’t have much idea as to which keywords to choose and which are the ones that can give you better visibility, you have to ponder over your business first. Simply perform a product or service-specific keyword analysis and make a list of keywords that are ideal for your business.

Another common mistake that most brands make regarding the keywords is eliminating the long-tail keywords completely. If you wish to get the best possible results, you should go for a mix of long-tail and short-tail keywords. This way, you can have a balance of both medium and low competition keywords.

Most businesses don’t work on their long-tail keywords. That’s why, if you can tap on that zone, you can easily rank your website with relatively less competition.

Sounds interesting, right?

Do Complete On-Page SEO for Your Landing Pages

Your landing page of the website is perhaps the most important page for your clients. As a matter of fact, this is the first point of contact between you and your clients.

No matter how stunningly beautiful your website is, when your customers search on Google, they should immediately find your website’s landing page. Hence, it is imperative that you do complete On-page optimization of your landing page and take care of all the aspects that are vital for your conversion rate.

When we say that you need to take care of all the aspects, you have to start right from optimizing the content of the page. Make sure your page title has the ideal length. You can also use free tools that can suggest page titles as well.

The same can be said about the Meta descriptions and content headers as well. These elements may be little compared to the big picture, can play a vital role in attracting your customer’s attention.

Another vital part is the image you use on the page. Make sure you put alt tags on all the images; otherwise, the search engine will never be able to understand your image, and therefore, the listing part will be hampered as well. This is applicable for all the images you will be using, not just on the landing page but also in your blog posts.

Lastly, make sure you optimize the content as well. They need to be catchy enough to hook your audience in the first go, and the CTA should be compelling enough to direct them towards completing the purchase.

Don’t forget to put the keywords meaningfully and contextually in the content. This will take care of the ranking part on the SERPs as well.

Register Your Business on Google My Business and Optimize it for Local SEO

What’s the point in starting a business if you do nothing to make it visible to others? When it comes to small businesses, visibility is critical to stand your ground in the market against other big competitors.

This is why you should register your business on Google My Business Tool without wasting any more time.

This tool can give you a ton of benefits, especially if you are starting up. Some of the most well-known benefits are:

  • It gives your business the visibility it deserves. The moment someone would type the name of your business on Google, it will put all the details of your business alongside maps and local listings.
  • One of the great things about this tool is that the customers can conveniently see all the relevant details of your business together. Offering such convenience to your customers will surely improve your impression.
  • This tool also urges and asks your customers to write a review about your brand. Now, what better way is thee to understand what your customers think about you!
  • Since your business will be featured alongside maps and local listings, it will help you do local SEO as well.
  • Thanks to this tool, you can keep track of the views, search queries, and clicks made on your website through Google.
  • Along with the Google My Business listing, you should also go for building NAP citations. It has its own set of benefits. Basically, NAP means the Name, Address, and Phone Number of your business.

Believe it or not, the NAP citation is quite vital when it comes to the local SEO, and it can affect your ranking on search engines as well.

One of the best benefits of doing this citation is that when someone does a search, your NAP data will pop on not just Google but also other sites like Yelp or Angie’s List, newspaper articles, blogs posts, etc.

Integrate Website with Google Search Console and Google Analytics

SEO is a dynamic process. There are no hard and fast rules that you can follow blindly. This is why you need to constantly monitor the site and the result of your SEO campaign.

Based on the analysis, you can come up with revised plans and implement them for better results. But how would you do that if you don’t have the right tools integrated with your website?

This is why you need to integrate your site with Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Google Search Console will help you with a number of technical aspects that you need to consider for a better ranking and performance. It will help you identify various issues, resolve them, and improve your page loading time, security system, malware protection, etc.

On the other hand, Google Analytics will help you monitor the site and understand the current state of SEO. The results you can track with this tool will help you figure out the next step of action and devise a new strategy.

Build Backlinks on High Authority Relevant Websites

We all know how important backlinks can prove to be. They are the links that connect your website with a vast audience base.

For a small business, having a good reach is imperative, and good quality backlinks can do exactly that.

But in order to achieve success with your backlinks, you need to take care of two essential things.

First of all, to ensure the quality of the backlinks, you need to use good quality content for each of them. This is imperative since only the links will not help you much if they don’t add any meaning to your audience.

Next, you need to post these links on high-domain authority, relevant websites. Please make sure they are relevant to your niche. You can find various domains like this on the internet. With some research, you can utilize them in the best way possible.

Check Technical Optimization

Lastly, you need to take care of the technical aspects of your website thoroughly.

The technical aspects indeed cover a lot of things, and that’s why it is always advisable to take the help of an experienced SEO service provider or build an in-house team of search engine optimization experts.

The technical aspect covers everything from website speed, canonical URLs to user experience, HTTPS, etc.

Your site must have the proper speed, and if the page loading time is more, it will indeed affect the user experience and rankings.

You need to ensure that it is mobile optimized since most users nowadays access everything from their mobile. This is definitely one of the most important parts of user experience.

To put it simply, a canonical URL is that page from your site that Google thinks is most representative of all other pages. Hence, creating these URLs is mandatory.

Nowadays, you have the secure version of HTTP in the form of HTTPS. This is another essential aspect.

Final Words

So, these are the aspects that you must take care of if you wish to harness the true power of SEO for your business. Should you have any more queries, feel free to mention them in the comments section.


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