Powerful Social Media Hacks to Amplify Engagement

social media hacks

Powerful Social Media Hacks to Amplify Engagement

How much time do you spend on social media? Well, it can be from a couple of hours to the entire day for an average user! It depends on how engrossed you are or the amount of idle time you have!

The point is, social media has everything that can keep us glued to our screens for 24 hours. Probably that’s why we see a surge in the number of social media users every day. Imagine using even a small fragment of this user-base for your business!

Can you foresee the amount of traffic and attention your brand can acquire?

That’s exactly why you need to ponder over some actionable social media hacks. But will it be easy?

Certainly not!

Using social media for your business and using it as an individual are two very different things. Plus, you have your competitors who will be using the same social media hacks for them and against you!

So what’s the plan?

This is where this blog post comes in. Here, we have a few social media tips or hacks, as you can call them, to clear the doubts you have about using social media for your business. I believe, after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of how to go about it.

So, let’s get started.

Social Media Hacks that Work

When you have too many good options, it becomes challenging to choose which one to use. The same can be said about social media platforms. Nowadays, there are so many social media channels to consider, which have a vast amount of users on all of them.

So, we have jotted down these powerful social media hacks that can help you holistically manage all of them.

Using Trending Topics

Social media is always a hot and happening place, and general social media users only follow things that are trending.

Hence, if you want to improve your visibility and attract potential customers, you have somehow to use the trending topics in your brand’s favor.

Wondering how to discover such trending social media topics all the time? You can use websites like Social Mention, which can reveal topics and hashtags that are trending in real-time. Now you have the trending topics and social hashtags in place, all you need to do is create posts about them and publish them!

Invite Users to Like Your Page Once They Like Your Posts

It has probably happened to you – isn’t it? You liked a particular post and suddenly get a notification to like the brand’s page as well.

This is a very helpful technique to create more engagement, increase the likes of your posts, and raise the followers of your page. It is indeed one of the most effective social media hacks, which works for almost all major social media channels.

Share Your Content

Social media is all about creating buzz about your brand. But how do you do it? Well, you do it with your exciting content, and thus, you need to share it as much as possible.

For this, you can use social media tools like Sprout Social, Post Planner, etc., which will allow you to share your content across multiple platforms at once. These also come with some cool in-built features like content scheduling, which make content creation and sharing seamless.

Use Emojis to Increase Conversions

From internet marketing experts like Neil Patel to average social media users, emojis are everyone’s favorite.

Believe it or not, but emojis can dramatically ramp up your social media conversion rate. Since almost every other user uses emojis, utilizing them on your social media posts will help your brand connect with your audiences on a much more humane level.

So next time, when you write a social media post or a message, make sure you use emojis to make it even more effective and alluring. The best part is; with emojis, the options are always endless.

Don’t JUST Focus on Engagement

Increasing engagement is very important when it comes to marketing on social media. However, that doesn’t mean that you will devote all your time and energy doing that. This will actually create some shortcomings – instead, you should try and divide the time to multitask.

You don’t have to spend all your time checking the social media newsfeed and replying to messages. Instead, you can do these things while enjoying other trivial activities like walking or listening to music or a podcast.

Edit the Photos You Put on Instagram

Instagram is all about posting cool photos. But what if you edit them to make them appear even more appealing? There are a number of apps out there that can do this job for you instantly.

For example, you can use tools like PicLab to edit photos by adding text, frames and applying filters. If you go for the paid version of the tool, you get rid of the watermark and unlock other cool options like various fonts and overlays.

The more attractive your Instagram photos, the better engagement you will get automatically.

Use “If This, Then That”

Nowadays, we have tools for everything. IFTTT or “If This Then That” is one such tool that makes your social media posts even more effective.

The tool allows you to connect all your social media profiles, blogs, and favorite apps together. IFTTT also helps you create an array of conditionally-defined, time-saving tasks. This means if you change the photo on your Facebook, the photo on Twitter will automatically change.

Share Content Across Multiple Social Networks

Another very helpful social media tool is Buffer that helps you accomplish this effortlessly. It automatically shares exciting content you have across all the chosen social networks at pre-determined, optimized times.

Just imagine the amount of time you can save with this app. Now you won’t have to publish the same content on every channel individually, as the Buffer app can do it for you seamlessly.

Build Relationships with Influencers

Social media helps you build strong connections with various influencers on every other platform. These influencers can really push your brand forward and give you better visibility and engagement.

Tweet them, follow them, share their content, and eventually, they will notice you and surely reciprocate your efforts. Remember, perseverance is the key here. Once you have the influencer on your side, all his/her followers will start noticing your brand.

Use Reddit

Reddit is perhaps one of the most underrated resources out there, yet it is a powerful online channel.

Since most people overlook Reddit, using it can be very beneficial for your brand. On Reddit, you will get a massive number of different verticals to post your valuable content.

Believe it or not, if used correctly without spamming the Reddit community, this platform can drive a lot of traffic towards your website.

Optimize Relevant Tags

Optimized tags are very important for your social media success. You can find numerous articles on the internet about the importance of Open Graph tags for Facebook.

By optimizing tags, you can have full control over how your content will look when someone likes or shares your content on social media channels.

Repeat Your Tweets

Repeating the tweets can increase the likelihood of better visibility as your audience might miss it the first time. It may sound a bit old-school, but repeating them can fetch a fair amount of Twitter traffic to your website.

Scale-up Social Connections

Lastly, never forget to work on scaling up your social connections.

Remember, the more you stay connected with your targeted audience, the better it is for you and your brand. This will give you a chance to frequently attract them and fetch their necessary information to serve them better in the future.

In a Nutshell

Now, I believe, with these social media hacks mentioned above, you can get started with your social media campaigns more confidently. Needless to say that there is a huge potential here, and all you need to do is visit every platform and dig them in depth.

You can even have some test run done just to see which idea works the best for you and which one doesn’t. It’s also advisable not to incorporate too many changes all at once since it can promote instability.

If you find these social media hacks to be impactful, feel free to let us know your views and ideas on them in the comment section below.


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