11 Creative Instagram Video Ideas that Dramatically Boost Audience Engagement

instagram video ideas

11 Creative Instagram Video Ideas that Dramatically Boost Audience Engagement

Instagram is indeed one of the most happening social media platforms these days. After being taken over by Facebook, Instagram has come up with some powerful new features that can change the way people look at your brand.

With more and more users signing up on Instagram every day, it is becoming one of the most profitable social media channels for businesses around the world.

Now, imagine getting a fraction of this massive audience base towards your website or online store.

Does that sound exciting?

Indeed, Instagram can help you achieve that. But what kind of Instagram content do you need to experience this kind of huge traffic inflow and user engagement?

This is exactly what this blog post is all about.

Apart from posting stunning pictures and regular social media posts, Instagram videos can attract and sway your audience much quicker, provided you come up with something exciting, catchy, and informative at the same time.

Wondering where to get creative Instagram video ideas for your brand?

Guess what! You have landed on the right page.

In this post, I am going to show you eleven killer Instagram video ideas that can boost your audience engagement dramatically. Needless to say, all of them will help you create unique content compared to your competitors and take your social media marketing strategies to a whole new level.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at them one by one.

Come Up With Instagram Teaser Videos

Yes, Instagram teaser videos are exactly what you think they are.

Wondering what to include and what not?

Well, just think about the teaser videos of your favorite movies or web series.

Through the teaser videos, they show you exactly what you need to see to feel super intrigued and excited about the movie. If it reveals too much, you would not feel that sense of anticipation that is essential to hook the audience on the very first go.

You need to come up with the exact same strategy for your own Instagram teaser videos. These videos can be super helpful, especially if you wish to reveal a new product or offer an insanely jaw-dropping discount. The idea is to instill a massive amount of anticipation in your audience for your items.

So, all you need to do is make the video beguiling and add only the key takeaways of your products or offers. You can even come in front of the camera and announce the latest offer yourself or say a few enthralling words about your new product or service.

Lastly, you should add something to give your audience a glimpse of the results they will get right after using the product or availing of the offer. This will indeed serve as the call to action.

Instagram Videos to Explain Your Products

Sometimes a little bit of explanation will make your audience all the more convinced about buying your products or subscribing to your services. On Instagram, a number of products intrigue your targeted buyers; however, at times, they might have some questions regarding the items, which they often write about in the comments section.

You can utilize this untapped opportunity to come up with explanatory videos, replying to all the queries your audiences have shared. This will implant a great sense of trust in your audience, and your product will never come across as too promotional.

Instagram explanatory videos also give you a space to interact with your audience and boost engagement in a personalized manner. After all, the more you connect with your audience, the better it is for your brand.

You can even invite one of your customers and make a video with him/her. Keep the tone of the video conversational, explain your product, and answer the prospective customers’ questions.

More audience might leave more queries and give you more material to make the next explanatory video on Instagram. On top of that, you can add different sections to the video to make it all the more comprehensive. Plus, you can also share some tips with your audience to use the product in the best possible way.

Celebrate Famous Days

Instagram video posts don’t always have to be about your business and products. For a change, you can go for something else and yet enjoy substantial visibility and engagement.

Wondering how you can do this?

Well, celebrating and posting about the famous days on Instagram could be a great way to interact and engage with your audience. You just have to choose the day that most of your audience can relate to, and your post can easily go viral.

For example, what if you come up with an Instagram video post celebrating women’s day, mother’s day, or earth day? Imagine the kind of message you can convey and the magnitude of engagement you will get from a video made on such occasions.

Further, you can simply use the platform to talk with your audience and ask them about their perception of the day. This type of interaction will give your audience a positive vibe and make them feel happy with your brand’s philosophy.

Just give it a try, and you will see the difference yourself.

Time-Lapse Videos on Instagram

Time-lapse videos are perhaps one of the coolest things to see on Instagram. You might have seen many content creators using time-lapse videos to promote their brand, products, and services. Just looking at them will make your Instagram audience stop scrolling and pay attention to the video.

Now, once you grab the attention of your audience, you can use the video content to create better engagement.

So, what can you show through your Instagram time-lapse videos?

Well, you must have heard that a lot of people love knowing about the behind-the-scene footage of your company’s production. So, what if you use this format to showcase some of the behind-the-scene actions and come out as all the more credible before your audience.

Most of the companies never show much of their operations, not at least what happens behind closed doors. This is where your brand will stand out from the rest and acquire better faith of your audience.

The production and execution processes have a lot of tedious activities that don’t need to be shown in normal motion or utmost detail. The time-lapse video format is perfect for them.

Looks cool and, at the same time, serves the purpose!

You can also use time-lapse videos to show some footage of events your brand has organized or the packaging process of your products, etc. This can even help you avoid doing vlogging all the time.

Share Instagram Quotation Videos

You must have seen Instagram posts where brands often share quotes with persuasive captions.

But that’s indeed nothing new!

So, how can you make this entire thing much more attention-grabbing for your Instagram target audience?

Well, this is where Instagram videos come to your aid.

If you are running out of ideas for your next Insta video, you can use this simple strategy; just come up with a quote worth sharing and motivating enough for your audience, and finally, team it up with a killer video! And voila! You are ready to sway your audience.

Imagine it’s the beginning of the week, and you produce and share a relevant, inspirational quotation for your audience. The video will be the icing on the cake as it will be inspiring and entertaining at the same time.

Just search videos on the internet, and you will get a ton of ideas to make your next Instagram video using a smashing quotation.

Feature Food Videos on Instagram

Another great thing to put on your Instagram videos is food items.

Well, it’s obvious! Isn’t it?

Who on earth doesn’t love palatable foods and dishes! This is exactly what you need to encash on.

A huge percentage of Instagram users are food lovers and even food bloggers. So, the moment you post a video on Instagram featuring a lip-smacking food item, it will spread like wildfire. But what kind of food video can you use?

Well, you need to go for the crowd-favorites. Some gourmet cooking can also do the trick for you, but you need to be very skilled in presenting that. Since they cannot taste it and people very occasionally go to try and make it, the look, ambiance, and presentation of the whole video matter the most.

This works great to improve the connection with your audience. After all, they will share their views and comments below the post, and answering them will automatically lift the engagement level.

If your brand is not, in any case, related to the food industry, you can still use these types of food videos on Instagram. You can simply post some of your recent team lunch or corporate dining or in-house food celebration videos that will instantly hook your audience.

Just be a little bit creative and fun, and you will see immense benefits of using food videos on Instagram.

If you wish to see your Instagram food video posts go viral, you just need to use the right hashtags and let them do the magic. Hashtags will help you reach a wider base of an audience who are literally crazy about food. This will increase the likeliness of getting more likes and shares on Instagram.

Stop Motion Videos to Unfold a Product’s Story

Everyone likes seeing a story! Isn’t it?

Well, there is hardly a person who would disagree with it.

But how can you tell a story on Instagram?

This is where pictures come to your aid. Well, not just any photographs, but this unique way of showcasing your photos is one of the most famous video types on Instagram.

The stop motion video technique is one of the best methods to use in case you wish to showcase how a particular product is made. The best part about stop motion video is, all you need is a few pictures of the product, and the video format will do the rest of the magic.

This is a great way to make any boring event feel special, or even some of the most lackluster descriptions look superb. The video format allows you to be much more creative with the process and the props used in the video.

You can create a sense of anticipation in the video and compel your Instagram audience to watch the video till the end.

Introduce Yourself through a Talking-Head Video on Instagram

A talking-head video is perhaps one of the easiest formats to use if you don’t have any idea for the time being. Sometimes, they can prove to be a lifesaver when you don’t know which video to put out this week on Instagram.

Always remember that no matter how big or small your organization is, be it a large group of people or only a handful of coworkers or just you, your audiences always want to know you and your team in person. This small introductory video will give them exactly what they want.

It’s very easy to do, all you need is a camera, and you stand in front of it. Now, just relax and introduce yourself, your team, and your product.

Your audience will not just connect with you, but at the same time, they will conceive your brand much more credible than ever. You see, none likes to interact with an organization; they want to see the real people behind the scene, and these talking-head Instagram videos will give them that human touch on behalf of your brand.

Shoot a Boomerang Video for Instagram

You are probably aware of the boomerang video format. This is a great new feature that businesses use to attract customers instantly. Social media interaction is all about seizing instant attention, and the boomerang video format can do exactly that for your brand on Instagram.

All you need to do is to brainstorm about the topic on which you are going to use the boomerang video format. They are very easy and quick ones to make, so just invest your time to come up with the best possible topic for your Instagram boomerang video.

One of the best things about this method is that you can use these videos as stand-alone clips, or you can also keep them to use in a long clip to add that x-factor to seize the eyeballs of your audience immediately.

It all depends on how you use the theme of the video. Some even go for a product-based boomerang video that can become an instant hit.  The likes and comments under the posts will tell you about the engagement and whether it is a success or not.

Instagram Fun Social Day Videos

Instagram is indeed a great place for your brand to celebrate different fun social events. If your audience base has a large percentage of young people, this certainly is worth the effort for you to connect with them. After all, they are the majority of social media users across all the channels.

All you need to do is, wait for one such event, prepare a killer concept beforehand, and then post the video on Instagram. For example, you can create a fascinating video and post it on International Women’s Day about the great contributions your female colleagues have made to your organization.

You can make an Instagram video on friendship day and let your audience express their views in the post’s comments section. This will help you understand their taste and also connect with them in the most unique way.

If the video is insightful and attractive enough, a decent percentage of your audience will most likely share the link on other platforms. In this way, your brand’s visibility will increase automatically.

Instagram Recap Videos

This is the last Instagram video-making tip we have on the list. The recap video is a great way to save some time and create a video for your audience when you are running low on ideas or out of time.

The recap videos let you showcase the fun events and activities that happened in the past in your company. You can even use the best photos and videos of the past year and put them as a recap video.

You must have seen many brands using the recap videos before the year ends. Needless to say, they are insanely intriguing and can immediately hook your audience. Some of your viewers will relate to them; some will surely comment and share. This is how the engagement quotient increases.

Final Words on Instagram Video Ideas

Surprisingly, many brands are still obscure and unaware of the true potentials of Instagram videos. Some of the most common excuses for not trying it out are the lack of ideas and not having enough knowledge about the tools.

Well, in this post, as you have seen, I have covered eleven ideas that will surely help you produce great Instagram video content that your audience just cannot ignore and scroll away without giving a like or share!

Remember, much like all other content formats, the final goal behind opting for the Instagram video is creating persuasive content that will excite your audience and compel them to engage with your brand.

You just need to believe that it’s not rocket science. All you need to do is to understand the taste of your audience and come up with a video that they would love to see on their Instagram timeline.

So, what do you think about the Instagram video ideas I shared above? Have you used any one of them before? If you have, let us know your experience in the comment section below, and it will help thousands of readers out there reading this post.


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