Linkedin Retargeting Ads: What Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders Need to Know

linkedin retargeting ads startup entrepreneurs

Linkedin Retargeting Ads: What Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders Need to Know

When it comes to paid ad campaigns, most entrepreneurs go for Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns. Linkedin Ads campaigns are not really the first priority options for most brands starting out. But this platform has got some great features like ad retargeting that can surely aid your business, especially if you are starting off.

We often wonder if we get some method that will drive each and every visitor from our social media profiles to our website. But the harsh reality is, it never happens!

Well, if it hasn’t happened to you, then it’s because you haven’t used the social media magic wand. Every new business craves new customers and leads, and Linkedin retargeting can give you exactly that.

But what is that exactly? Well, read on as in this post, I will be discussing exactly the same.

So, let’s get started.

What is Retargeting Ad?

Let us first know what it is exactly and how it works for you. As business owners, we often see that many customers and leads who once showed interest in your products and services never complete the conversion process. The retargeting technique targets such customers and encourages them to visit your website again and close the sale this time.

Needless to say, this retargeting process is one of the most priceless methods for startups and small-sized businesses since, for them, every customer matters. Now, with every missed-out customer targeted once again, imagine the kind of return on investment you will receive.

Retargeting campaigns help your brand with a holistic development approach where not just your lower-sales funnel gets benefitted but also the upper-sales funnel objectives are also taken care of.

So, you see, this one feature can make a great deal of difference for your brand. But is that all? Certainly not! There are other reasons too behind opting for LinkedIn Ad retargeting.

Why Do You Need to Opt for the Retargeting Campaigns?

Do you know how retargeting functions?

Well, I am sure you have experienced retargeting yourself – we all have, actually.

Wondering how?

Well, let me give you some context for a better understanding.

Have you ever felt like you have been followed on the internet? Like, you visited a particular website, browsed through some products, but didn’t purchase any of that. Yet the moment you leave that site and start scrolling your social media accounts, you start seeing ads and offers popping up about the same kind of product you were browsing a few moments ago.

That’s exactly what retargeting is and how it works. Those websites are trying to bring back your focus again and, this time, convince you to seal the deal from their website.

This is most often seen from e-Commerce brands or if you have submitted a form on any website.

So How Does the Retargeting Work?

Now, you need to keep in mind that the retargeting process often varies from platform to platform. Now, further, in this post, we will be talking about how you can come up with a successful LinkedIn retargeting campaign.

But for now, let’s just look at how the retargeting process generally works when a visitor visits your website and leaves without completing the purchase.

  • The moment the visitor visits your website, they will be asked to accept the “Cookies”. These cookies are not much delicious but very effective in tracking the particular user’s website activities.
  • It will help you keep tabs on the multiple web pages the user clicks on and store all the information about their browsing and search activities.
  • Now, the moment the visitor leaves your site without closing the sale, the retargeting ad campaigns will come into action.
  • You set up a retargeting campaign that will work on a particular platform and drive the customer back to your website again.
  • This time, when the customer revisits, you have a big chance to make the conversion. But that “chance” wouldn’t be there if the retargeting campaigns are not included in your digital marketing budget.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences

This is a great feature introduced by LinkedIn for small businesses to target audiences.

But how can you use this facility to its fullest?

Well, the base of this new facility is to give you the chance to reach out and target a new and unique audience based on whatever interaction your brand had with them.

Now, imagine the impact it can leave on any small business and startup!

LinkedIn included a few facilities. They are:

  • First is the LinkedIn account targeting facility. Here, you just need to upload a CSV list of a bunch of companies, and it will suggest the best ones to target based on your niche and their influence on the market.
  • Next, you have the website retargeting facility. It gives you the power to target all the users who have visited your website.
  • Then you have the contact targeting feature. It again requires you to upload a CSV list of email addresses from users you have already interacted with once before. You might find the functionality similar to that of Facebook’s custom audience option.
  • Here also you get the facility of targeting a specific audience and get better chances of conversion. You just have to think about the relationship you share with your audience, and based on that; you choose the audience base you wish to retarget. With a clear and concise strategy in place, the final outcome will be much more profitable for your website and business.
  • You can even go for the “Warm” audience, as they call it. This is nothing but the audience who very recently visited your site or has shown the tendency of returning to the site they have once visited.

Some Strategies to Use for a Successful LinkedIn Retargeting Ads Campaign

So, how can you use LinkedIn to develop a successful retargeting campaign?

Retarget Lost Leads

Firstly, you need to retarget the lost leads, i.e., the customers who once visited your website but abandoned it without completing the purchase. For them, you need to have a retargeting campaign.

Now, there can be two categories in which you can divide them. The first is either they have clicked on your website but never opted for the form in a LinkedIn ad, and the other category will be for the customers who clicked on the link but never filled out the form on your site.

It can be easily assumed that the people who opened the form on your website are somewhat willing to make the purchase. So, you just have to reach out to them, retarget, and drive them back to the site.

Retarget Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts are something that, more or less, all the e-Commerce brands suffer from. Most people add various items to their cart, but they never check out. This tendency can be seen in nearly 70% of customers visiting your online store every day.

But for them, you can come up with a reminder, telling them that they have left valuable items in the cart, which are only available for a limited period of time.

Retarget Blog Readers

This is very much different from the click-bait that you often see on the internet. These Linkedin retargeting ads will come along with downloadable materials for anyone who reads your blog.

Here, the real goal is to convert the visitor read your blog into a hot and prospective lead.

Retarget Existing Customers

This may look superfluous but in reality, retargeting your existing customers can be a very lucrative decision. All you need to do is offer them a top-tier product and keep them hooked to your website.

This is completely opposite to how you deal with your cold leads. For them, most businesses often go for discount coupons and giveaway items. But for existing customers, your retargeting campaign should have the objective to strengthen the existing bond.

So, you need to tell them about the higher-level products and services and what they can do for them. The matched audience feature can come really handy in this case. Just create the list of your top existing customers and add the list to the new LinkedIn campaign.

Now, conveniently retarget your existing customers with the new and best quality products you have for them.

Final Words on Linkedin Retargeting Ads

The primary idea behind Linkedin Ad retargeting is the same as any other retargeting campaign you did earlier. All you need to do is, find out the customers who abandoned the site with an incomplete purchase and drive them back to your site.

For any small business and startup, this one move can prove to be a huge advantage as the overall ROI will increase significantly. And for that, you need to work with a specialized digital marketing company that understands your customers and enables you to retarget them most effectively.

So, what are your methods to drive back your lost leads?

Do you use the LinkedIn Ads retargeting feature frequently? If yes, kindly let us know your inputs in the comment section below. Also, if you have never used such an ad campaign earlier, please tell us what made you decide not to use them.

Your insightful ideas and feedback will be of immense value to all startup founders, small business owners, and of course, our hundreds and thousands of readers out there.

Till then, happy retargeting on Linkedin.


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