How to Create a Flawless Social Media Content Calendar to Boost Engagement of Your Brand

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How to Create a Flawless Social Media Content Calendar to Boost Engagement of Your Brand

Have you noticed the brands you follow on social media? Does it seem that as if they always somehow get it right when it comes to social media posting? But how do they do that? Do they have the best social media agency to make things done for them? Even if so, what are they doing to get such tremendous engagement?

Social media posts require consistency in order to be successful. Using the right content at the right time and implementing the correct strategy is essential. For that, a content calendar can prove to be super-effective. But how can you come up with a perfect social media content calendar?

Well, this is exactly what this blog post is all about. Read on, as I will tell you all the tricks and techniques that can surely help you create a flawless social media content calendar for your brand.

Let’s get started.

First, Make Some Useful Social Media Content Assessments

At the end of the day, a social media content calendar is nothing but a tool, a great tool that can help you fix a few things and, at the same time, achieve great results. But if you don’t know about the problems that need to be fixed, how can you use the tool?

This is why before you start, you need to make some assessments based on your current standing. Try to find out the issues that might create some hindrance for your engagement. When you have it, make a list out of it.

For example:

  • Think about lacking points of growth and engagement, the platforms where your brand performs poorly.
  • Try to find out if there are any profiles on social media that are incomplete.
  • The social media channels where you have failed to communicate on time.
  • Lack of ownership responsibilities and going without any clear or precise KPI and goal.
  • Find the platforms where you have often failed to meet your defined objectives.

Once you have these issues sorted out, you can now use the tool, i.e., the content calendar, to fix all of them and get the best possible results. As a matter of fact, with the social media content calendar at your disposal, you can think of new and advanced goals as well.

  • Like you can expand your range and add new accounts like Reddit and Snapchat into your arsenal.
  • Plan to increase the click-through rates substantially more than before.
  • Similarly, boost the organic engagement than your current figures.
  • Push your limits and come up with more original content.
  • Increase followers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Analyze Previous Social Media Campaigns

We learn from our past; it has always been like this.

The same can be done for your social media content calendar as well. If you are unsure about the objectives you need to address with your new calendar, never forget to analyze your previous social media campaigns.

They will help you learn from previous mistakes and come up with a new content strategy that will become successful on social media. But just going through them blindly won’t be of much help. You need to have a strategy in place and gather only the information that will prove to be valuable for your future plan.

This is why you only need to consider the data metrics of the previous campaign and keep them in mind while developing new social media content strategies. Some of the aspects that you need to consider are:

  • The type of content that has performed the best for your brand.
  • The kind of content that became the most popular among your audience.
  • The point in the month or the dates when the engagement quotient was at its peak.
  • Some valuable data about the demographics and the general interest of the audience who frequently interacted with your social media posts.

Now, with all this information in your hand, you can now come up with the new calendar and ensure that you make the necessary changes this time based on the info you collected. Like, if you have identified the kind of content that worked exceptionally well last time, make sure you include that type in the new social media content calendar as well.

This way, your new content calendar will be pretty successful compared to the previous one.

Fill in Your Social Media Content Calendar with Innovative Ideas

Once you are ready with the vision of how to make the content calendar, it’s time for you to fill that in with some excellent, creative, and captivating ideas. Now, there can be several ways with which you can fill out your social media content calendar, but usually, you can sit with your whole team and do some brainstorming in the beginning.

Since the final objective is to come with the right set of ideas and fill the calendar, your team can share their perspective as well. Apart from that, there are some other places as well from where you can acquire new ideas.

For example:

  • Previous posts and campaigns are great sources to dig in new ideas.
  • Using some tools to research your audience and understand their likes and dislikes.
  • You can also look at your competitors’ profiles. You might just find something useful there.
  • There are tools that can help you discover and develop unique social media content. You can look into them as well.
  • Browse the profiles of top social media influencers and see the type of content they have used to increase engagement.

It’s always advisable to never plan ahead of yourself. Ideally, you can just try out your new methods for one week and then move forward based on your results.

Create a Schedule for Social Media Content Posting

After you are done gathering the ideas needed for content, it’s time for you to come up with a schedule. Things need to be very systematic with your calendar, and that’s how you will get results.

Having a schedule is essential not just for the systematic approach, but this is also one of the main reasons why you need a social media content calendar. This is how your audience will have faith in you and can count on your pattern of posting relevant and valuable content.

Now, since each of the platforms is slightly different, sticking to one strict schedule will not be very helpful. You might need to make some adjustments based on each of them. It may look something like this:

  • Posting twice on Instagram every day along with two compelling stories.
  • Two posts per day on Facebook and curate three other relevant posts.
  • Minimum one blog in the gap of every five days.
  • Five Tweets every day.
  • At least one post on Reddit each month.

Now, the timings and intermediate-time frames may vary based on the region and also the audience. But with the social media content calendar in place, you will always get a gentle reminder about the content you need to post on your social media.

Consider the Ownership

When it comes to social media content, ownership plays a significant role. One of the reasons behind it is that social media campaigns often function at a very slow pace. Most companies start with just a Facebook page but later, with time, develop other accounts and slowly gain followers across all the platforms.

But the more you gain followers; the demand for more engaging content will increase as well. When too many platforms demand your attention simultaneously, the entire process will become haphazard. This is why you need absolute ownership over your social media campaigns.

This ownership segregation will give you a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Since a content calendar demands you to assign tasks to people, you might need to put one social media company in charge of an entire platform. Giving ownership will make the company responsible and focused on the work.
  • When you have given ownership to several individuals among your team or an agency, it will be easier for you to follow things.

There are a few things that you need to maintain for the process to work perfectly:

  • Not just create accounts blindly, but you need to keep them updated as well.
  • You need to ensure the security of each social media platform.
  • Dealing with spam and inappropriate content becomes another critical task.
  • You need to push and promote your content on a regular basis.

Always remember that the question of ownership will depend on the size of your company and the number of social media accounts you manage.

Final Words on Creating a Flawless Social Media Content Calendar

As mentioned earlier, social media content requires consistency, the right amount of creativity, and addressing the special characteristics of each and every platform. Along with that, you need to track the performance of the content you post and manage their engagement part as well.

A combination of all these will give you the success you have always been looking for from social media platforms.

So, have you used a social media content calendar before? If yes, let us know your experience in the comment section below, and it will help hundreds and thousands of our readers out there.

Till then, best of luck with social media content marketing!


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